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Marketing is all about building relationship & adding value

We Focus On 3 Main Core:

Fendytastic Media - Growing Businesses​

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Fendy Daily - Digital Marketing Community

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3) Building Specialization


As you know, the game have changed in the world of business and startups. Many companies are digitizing their assets and approaching their customer in various digital platforms. Your company’s growth challenges can no longer be solved by simply buying traffics or impressions.

You need a Marketing Partner who truly understands your customers. The kind of partner that humanize digital marketing approach on social media (It is called SOCIAL media for a reason). The kind that focus on delivering a more personal approach in every stage of the marketing funnel. As a ‘Psychology’ major, human behaviour and cognitive process have always a place in my heart and mind.

Hence, the reason why I’m constantly talking about my findings and experience with digital marketing. I’m also the founder of Fendy Daily, a digital marketing community specially for enthusiast marketers like myself.

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