Profile Information

“I’m Joe Fendy, a curious and ambitious digital marketer, with a dream of expanding my own network and values. I’m a strong believer in content marketing as well as the concept of being a full stack digital marketer. I’ve setup several school/university workshops and conducted several speeches on motivation, team building, and career development. I have strong passion for innovation in technology development & motivation in self-improvement.

What's My Story?

I’m deeply motivated to empower my fellow entrepreneur in the startup world. I start my career path since I was still studying Psychology in the University of Hertfordshire, UK. I found my first love for entrepreneurship while I was competing for a startup contest by building the business model, brand and interface of a 3D virtual travel (Tour Bumi). Even though we did not win that round, I further my passion to understand the consumer behaviour and human motivation. I continued my research with one of the well-known psychology professor in the UK, Dr Richard Wiseman. The research conduct a study on how false belief can have an effect on your motivation and self-esteem. I took my learn into my first career as a social media manager in Coffeeticks (Dino Media), an online publishing company which generates 400-4000 live traffics to the site every second. I then moved on to help Shopee during their first year launch by managing their online community and building an online eco-system between sellers and buyers. A year down the road, I meetup with Kevin Quah, the COO of F3 Capital and worked with him on generating leads for his sales. Up till now, I’ve generated more than MYR 35 millions in revenue by spending only less that MYR 300,000 in marketing cost.

Why Do I Love Digital Marketing?

I believe evolution. Whether is it about human, environment, business or economy, everything is evolving in some aspect. And it is the responsibility of the business owner, manager, CEO, COO, CMO, Digital Marketer & etc; to adapt to the this new digital world.
As mentioned earlier, I love to understand more about the consumer behaviour pattern and how the interact with online advertising and brand.

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Digital Marketing Experience


Coffeeticks was the start of my career and will always be the catalyst of my enthusiasm for Digital Marketing. I was hired as a social media manager for Coffeeticks. – Create Constant Viral Postings – Create Engagement Among Malaysian Communities – Create Info-graphical News – Create Articles That Are ‘Share-Worthy’


In 2015, I was hired by Shopee to manage their Social Media Accounts and Community. – Build An Eco-System Among Sellers and Buyers In Shopee – Constantly Create Contents Based On The Latest Campaigns/Awareness – Manage Growth Of The Online Community

F3 Capital

As a Team Lead in the Advertising/Marketing Division, I was task to manage the Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and SEO of the Company and its other projects. – Online Advertising Management – Content Creation and PR management – Website Design and Ads Design – Video Production