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Product Analysis

One of the most important things to know before starting your digital marketing campaign is to understand your product and services. Firstly, we need to look at the differences between “Features” & “Benefits”.

In short, a FEATURE is what the product does, and a BENEFIT what it does for you. The feature will reflects more on the product, while the benefit will reflect more on the audience/customer desire (how it can take their trouble/pain away)

For example, if you are selling a smartphone. Your FEATURES should be something like “Dual 15 megapixel camera”, “2TB storage”, “6 Inch Wide Screen” & etc. In comparison, your BENEFITS should be something like “Easy Professional Photo Shoot”, “Clear HD”, “Fast Charging”, “Fast Processing”, & etc.

Most marketers tend to promote the features of their product but neglect the benefits. However, studies have shown that it is the benefit that has more emotional impact on the customers. Do you think customer make their purchasing decision based more on logic or more on their emotions? That’s right; emotions are the closing sales to the customer’s action. It simply taps into their desire. The next time you are doing copywriting on your product ads, remember to think of the benefits & features of your product.

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