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Target Audience (Avatar)

Now that you know your product selling point using both features and benefits, you can start crafting who your TARGET AUDIENCES (or, in some cases, we call them AVATAR) are. By knowing who they are, you can later on A/B Test your marketing campaign and see which set/group of audiences are more engaging/converting with your ads/funnels.

“Target Audience” are simply a group of people you wish to promote/advertise your product/services. There are 2 main factors you should look at when you are crafting your target audience; the “Demography” & the”Psychometric” of the audience. Demographics are things like “Age”, “Sex”, “Location”, “Relationship Status”, “Job” & etc. While the Psychometric you should look at is more on the stuff like “What are some of their desire”, “What frustrates them”, “What is an inconvenience to them”, “What makes them feel good”, “What makes them feel bad” & etc.

By knowing who they are, you can craft a great marketing angle to convince them to watch/read/look/buy your product more. You can also start using your benefits and align with their pain point; doing this will have a more emotional impact on your customer’s decision.

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