Tips for hiring a digital marketing agency in Malaysia

Here are some tips for you before you start hiring a digital marketing agency to manage your social media accounts and paid marketing campaigns.

  1. Make sure that they(the agency) are with you on the same page in every conversation, which means they should understand you from top to bottom. They should understand your needs for the content and brand/product/service/cause.
  2. While you should always communicate with them about what you WANT & DON’T WANT; They should also come out with some ideas on their side
  3. They should be available to you at any time, even if there are not in their office, they should be replying to you ASAP (at most, within the day itself)
  4. They should have a professional approach and a professional mindset.
  5. They should have a clear plan APPROVE by you before kickstarting the campaign
  6. They should allow you to check the work in progress
  7. They should provide you with the report every month (or weekly if needed)
  8. They should have a good portfolio from their previous work

Why should you hire a digital marketing agency?
Simple, if you do not know what you are doing. You will only end up spending more money (marketing cost) and wasting more time(A/B testing on the basic marketing strategies in your niche)

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